Every effort is given to get your items out as quickly as possible. Please keep in mind that this is currently a one man show, and this man has a day job. The USPS is located right next to my office which helps quite a bit, I will often drop off packages when I return from my lunch break.

Products that require assembly will take a few days to ship, I do not normally have a pile of hand assembled products. Products like the UA4C and the signal conditioners have all the surface mount work done in a factory though.

Free Shipping– Is only for things that will fit into an envelope and can use stamps. The maximum thickness allowed by the USPS is 1/4″ and the maximum weight is 3.5 ounces. This means that bare/unpopulated PCBs and signal conditioners are about the only thing that can ship for free. There is NO tracking on these.

In the USA– USPS shipping time is usually 2-7 days, Priority Mail normally a little faster than Ground Advantage. UPS Ground dependent almost entirely on distance 1-5 days. Below in the normal UPS ground travel times as of 3-Jul-2023.

Abroad– First Class Package International usually takes a week to fifteen days to Europe and Australia, but to other countries it can take much longer. I’ve seen as much as two months. What is worse is that the countries that take longer often do not update the tracking information. I offer Priority Mail International which now too, which is supposed to be around 8 days, but I have not shipped many packages this way to know for sure. Tracking with PMI is supposed to be for all countries though. The website cannot calculate it, but I can also ship via UPS and DHL, which will usually cost between $30-60. UPS and DHL pricing is normally very similar to Priority Mail International, so if you are interested in shipping with UPS or DHL please select Priority Mail International and leave a note on your order about shipping with the other provider. Travel time with UPS and DHL does vary, but is normally a week or less.
!!WARNING!! If you are an international customer and are under any type of time constraint DO NOT ship with USPS, make sure to ask for UPS or DHL.