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Ignition control unit for use with carb.

  • Add advance time map
  • Cold advance
  • Use dry modern coil
  • Launch control with anti-lag
  • Or even use individual coils in your carburetor!!
  • Software and docs are downloaded from links on our help page

Additional information

Weight 26 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 3 in

2 reviews for CarbuMATE


    Good afternoon, I need it for a 6-cylinder bus that has an inductive sensor.
    Is it possible to use this model?

    • Weaver

      Yes, the cylinders would get paired by their firing order.

  2. Tom Sharpe

    Please publish documentation for this ECU. I want it to run a 351W Ford with 8 LS2 truck coils in a wasted spark configuration with a Ford EFI distributor. I also need a distributor rpm signal to run a Sniper for fuel. Thanks

    • Weaver

      The link to the documentation is listed under the help page. I’m not familiar with the Ford distributor specifically, but most distributors only have evenly spaced cogs. So there is no way to know which cylinder is coming up to TDC, and therefor cannot be used to fire individual coils.

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