JDM VR Conditioner




This is the ORIGINAL JDM VR Conditioner specially designed for JDM Distributors using PnPduino or Speeduino based ECUs. This has been tested and proven to be working perfectly with Honda’s B, D, & H distributors and Toyota’s 24+2 distributors like 4AGE 20V, 4EFTE and 3SGTE. You can use the stock distributor without modification. Most of the components are Automotive Certified (AEC-Q100/Q101/Q200).

This item is sourced from PnPduino and sold with authorization.

For Honda Distributor, wiring is as follows:
CKPP (24 tooth) to VR1+
CKPM to VR1-
CYPP (1 tooth) to VR2+
CYPM to VR2-
Trigger setup is going to be Dual Wheel 24+1. Shield wire for CKP and CYP should be connected to ECU Ground only.

For Toyota Distributor:
G1 to VR1- and VR2-
G- to VR2+
NE to VR1+
Trigger setup is going to be Missing Wheel 24-1. Shield wire for these VR sensors should be connected to ECU Ground only. Proper installation is required.

Additional information

Weight .1 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .25 in


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