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Line kit includes nylon or Teflon hard line (6.5ft), silicone soft line (1ft), panel fitting, and four spring clamps. The kit is very helpful in bringing the UA4C’s internal MAP port out of the case.

The nylon line is yellow. The Teflon line is milky clear. See pics.

Note: Teflon is not as nice to work with, but is useful in situations were higher heat resistance is required.

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Nylon, Teflon

1 review for MAP Line Kit

  1. Dmytro Bobkov (verified owner)

    The nylon line is so small in diameter that it can’t fit onto the mount and be secured by the clips, please correct me if i’m understanding its installation wrong but i can’t find any instructions for its purpose if i can’t fit over any mounts. The rest of the kit, the mount and blue tubing works good to connect from the hammond case to the map sensor on the board.

    • wmarkel

      Cut small pieces of the blue tubing to use as connectors for the yellow/semi-clear tubing which is meant to be ran to the engine manifold.

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