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A simple but powerful programmable computer!
Full stand-alone motor control. Programmed with TunerStudio.

Stand Alone Spartan Motor Control

The ECU comes ready to use VR (reluctant), Hall or Optical type CKP Sensor.
Consists of internal 4Bar MAP (up to 45psi)

The kit includes:
– Spartan ECU
– 1m 24-wire harness
– USB Cable
– Software and docs are downloaded from links on our help page

See pictures for IO table

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 4 in

4 reviews for Spartan

  1. Jewffry

    Will this platform work for my 4age20v with itb?

    • Weaver

      It is able to run most any 4 cylinder engine. Some trigger wheel modification my be required for a Toyota. Also be certain it has enough additional outputs for you.

  2. Tim Krassley

    How long will this item be on back order?

    • Weaver

      These are sent to me in small batches. I should have more the end of next week.

  3. Alejandro

    can spartan control the stepper motor from the IAC ?………. from a TBI app for V8 engine

    • Weaver

      No, it has no stepper idle provisions.

  4. James

    Would I be able to add a Bluetooth module?

    • Weaver

      Only for dash purposes, not for tuning, and it would require some soldering.

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