Arduino MEGA 2560

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This is the brains of your Speeduino. Every shield type Speeduino needs one, including the 0.3.x, 0.4.x, NO2C, and UA4C. Every MEGA I sell now has the DC power jack removed. The jack is not used in the Speeduino environment, and it gets in the way a little on the NO2C and a lot on the UA4C. Aftermarket, brand varies.

Why wouldn’t I want the USB cable, it’s free???
Well it is not very long/useful and it adds an extra ounce to the package, which can increase the cost of shipping. With international shipments it could add as much as $10 to the cost, if it tips the shipment into the next weight category.

Use SpeedyLoader to load your Arduino MEGA with Speeduino goodness.

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Weight 1.2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × .5 in
Include USB Cable

16-Inches, None

2 reviews for Arduino MEGA 2560

  1. David Kauffman Foischik (verified owner)

    100% Ok

  2. Seth (verified owner)

    Had this for about a month. Everything was setup and car was running good. Went to connect to my PC one day to flash updated firmware (just wanted to change a hard coded pin number) and could not connect to flash with USB using ArduinoIDE. Tried speedyloader, also wouldn’t connect. Tried tunerstudio also wouldn’t connect. I can get TunerStudio to connect via bluetooth, but that’s about it. Took entire speeduino unit apart and tried with just the 2560 board, still unable to connect to anything. Board still works and the speeduino unit can still be tuned, controls timing etc just fine, but I have no way to flash new firmware at this point.

    • Weaver

      Hi Seth,

      Does the Arduino show up in the Windows device manager, and if so are you using the COM port listed? You also should have Tuner Studio closed, and no BT modules connected. When the Speeduino shield is mounted make sure the reset blocking jumper is not installed.

      Thanks, Weaver

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