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If you like the UA4C (aka Seawolf, Sea Fox, White Fang, and Fishdog), then you will love the Ocelot! The UA4C is all grown up. The PC industry connectors have been replaced with an automotive connector. The Arduino controller has been integrated into the PCB. Flyback diodes have been added to the high current outputs. It’s even smaller than it was before. The PCB is 20cm² smaller and the case is 41.2cm² smaller. Since the connector offered us an extra pin we are using it for VSS.

All of the outputs (except for stepper idle) include an LED for quick troubleshooting during setup. All SMD parts come soldered no matter which option you choose. If you require special provisions you can leave a note on your order use the contact form on the help page. The connectors pins are close enough to 0.1 inch that header pins can be used to connect it to another PCB to make PNP adapter PCBs.



Ocelot Harness Kit
Ocelot Case Kit


– 4 ignition channels, logic 5V, 330mA max pulse
– 4 injector channels, ground switching
– 4 high current outputs (idle, idle2, boost, vvt) ground switching with flyback diode
– 8 low current outputs (fuel pump, tachometer, fan, fan2, aux1-4) ground switching
– Stepper idle control (stepper control chip built in)


– 2 triggers (crank, cam, etc, logic level with socket for conditioner modules)
– MAP 400kPa and separate barometer onboard
– Voltage correction
– Throttle position
– Coolant and incoming air temperature
– Oxygen
– Flex fuel (interrupt pin)
– Launch
– Knock (future code update) (interrupt pin)
– VSS (digital only) (interrupt pin)
– 2 spare inputs (analog capable)


– Serial3 routed to external connector (optional CAN with extra controller)
– Bluetooth header

NOTICE: This is an unofficial Speeduino board. Josh Stewart was very kind in adding a definition for this board to the Speeduino code. However, purchases of this board do not directly contribute to his upkeep and updates to the Speeduino software and website. PLEASE consider visiting Speeduino Forum and clicking Support Speeduino at the top.


vA3- No known.

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Weight 1.7 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3.5 × .5 in
Include Harness Connector

No, PCB Side

Solder Pins and Connectors

No, Yes


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