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Sorry these are out of stock, with no ETA. Parts required to make them have been unavailable for a years time.

This is the latest in the line of 0.4 Speeduino. It was reworked with SMD parts to make it smaller and allow for efficient machine assembly. Also the need for a ULN chip for tachometer, fan or fuel pump has been removed. The connector pins that used to be ran through the proto area have been changed to their default function. If you want to use a connection for prototype purposes, simply cut the jumper on the back and route it to the proto area.

Arduino sold separately: Arduino MEGA 2560

This was a joint development between Josh Stewart and myself. Thanks Josh for having me help out!

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12 reviews for Speeduino 0.4.4d

  1. Wab

    Hi saya dari Indonesia saya ingin mengaplikasikan pada sepeda motor apakah papan ini sudah ada pilihan sensor ckp nya

    • Weaver

      I assume that the CKP sensor is a crank sensor. An engine position sensor is required (or at least rpm for fuel only) for any sort of electronic engine management to work. You will need to check the wiki for Speeduino to be sure that your trigger wheel pattern is supported.

  2. James

    Does this come wide band and bluetooth ready.

    • Weaver

      The board accepts a linear analog signal from most wideband controllers.
      There is a spot that a BT module can be attached.

  3. sean

    doing a gen4 ls swap do u know if this will work with factory crank sensor? thank you in advance for your time.

    • Weaver

      Is that a 58x? Grey sensor? Should not be a problem. That gets set up as a 60-2.

  4. jose mendez

    Hi, I have a 2jz ge vvti converted to a turbo and these ecu seem like a good option for it, but I keep looking and I can’t find the inputs for knock sensor. and if this board works 6×6 sequential

    • Weaver


      Knock will just be an output to it that can be tapped in once it is available. This board is a 4×4, though the processor is capable of 3×6 (wasted spark and sequential injection). If you really want sequential go to the main Speeduino site in Australia and wait for the Dropbears to…drop. lol That is the only place to get them, and it is difficult even there due to the chip shortage.

  5. Mark


    Is this the board used in the dropbear version?


    • Weaver

      No sir, the dropbear uses a dropbear PCB. The only way to get one is from Josh in Australia, but they are hard to come by due to the chip shortage.

  6. Fabián

    La computadora tiene incluido algún arnés?

    • Weaver

      “Does the computer have a harness included?”

      No it does not.

  7. Alejandro Paredes

    Hola, saludos desde Uruguay.
    Quería saber si esta placa ya trae incluído el condicionador de señal Vr o lo debo comprar aparte y si tendría que comprar algo más además de la arduino para poder instalar la Speeduino.

    • Weaver

      Hello, greetings from USA.

      What you will need besides the Arduino depends largely on what you are trying to hook it to. Some engines need nothing else. Others need the separate VR conditioner module, injector resistors, stepper control module, or ignition module. If you check the Speeduino forum you might find that someone has worked on your engine before and found those answers already.

      Thanks! Weaver

  8. juan manuel leon castro

    buen dia deseo hacer compra pero si me pueden dar info completa por correo
    si me sirve para ls 6.0 ya esta el arnes limpio sin nada adicional .
    solo ocupo confirma con ustedes si con la compra envian diagrama conectar
    y si requiero algo mas agregarlo al pedido

    juan manuel

    • Weaver

      Hello Juan,

      To make it work with an LS engine you will need a cable type throttle body, stepper controller module, and an Arduino MEGA. Then you should be well on your way to getting it going.

      Thanks! Weaver

  9. Daniel Diaz

    Está disponible para envío a Colombia? Cuanto es el costo del envío? Esta versión SMD que mejoras tiene contra la V0.4.3c (no SMD)?

    • wmarkel

      Yes, the website will calculate the cost to ship during checkout. The improvements are listed in the description above.

  10. debrucer

    The picture in this post says the version is .0.4.4b and you say in the text the version is .0.4.4c. Comparing pictures with the Speeduino site their board appears different than yours. I note the distinction not to criticize, but is the basis for my question… I do not recognize the new chip sizes very well. A re the MOSFETs included on this board? They were a problem to me with both .0.3 and .0.4 boards as I was trying to stack them with other functionality. The MOSFETs were huge, and in the way. I really like this version and the bluetooth reference on the board is interesting. I don’t recall seeing that before. Dumping wasted spark and running full sequential on my six-cylinder has always been a desire, and I think I’ll look for a 6×6 or 8×8. Love the way this product is evolving and envious not to have the latest. Keep up the good work!

    • wmarkel

      Hi debrucer,

      The differences between the 0.4.4b and 0.4.4c are very subtle. I went to look at the Speeduino store in Australia, that picture is from an original 0.4.4, which was only maybe 33% SMD vs the two newer and totally reworked versions that are about 95% SMD. So yes, all the parts are much lower on the current version and are better for stacking.
      Thanks, Weaver

  11. Jorge Lopez

    Hi, the arduino mega 2560 is already with firmware, I mean ready to connect with tuner studio?

  12. Jesús Manuel

    Hola buenas noches que tal, quiero adquirirlo, pero quisiera saber si para ello tengo que comprar aparte el Arduino mega 2560 para poder montarlo en mi auto, también quisiera saber si tienen envíos a Perú, y cual sería el costo de todo.

    • wmarkel

      Hi Jesus,
      Yes an Arduino MEGA is required, they are sold separately. The postal service is currently able to send packages to Peru. The website will calculate the total including shipping for you.
      Thanks! Weaver

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