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This is the latest in the line of 0.4 Speeduino. It was reworked with SMD parts to make it smaller and allow for efficient machine assembly. Also the need for a ULN chip for tachometer, fan or fuel pump has been removed. The connector pins that used to be ran through the proto area have been changed to their default function. If you want to use a connection for prototype purposes, simply cut the jumper on the back and route it to the proto area.

Arduino sold separately: Arduino MEGA 2560

This was a joint development between Josh Stewart and myself. Thanks Josh for having me help out!

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Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 1.5 in

Soldered, Loose

1 review for Speeduino 0.4.4c

  1. Jesús Manuel

    Hola buenas noches que tal, quiero adquirirlo, pero quisiera saber si para ello tengo que comprar aparte el Arduino mega 2560 para poder montarlo en mi auto, también quisiera saber si tienen envíos a Perú, y cual sería el costo de todo.

    • wmarkel

      Hi Jesus,
      Yes an Arduino MEGA is required, they are sold separately. The postal service is currently able to send packages to Peru. The website will calculate the total including shipping for you.
      Thanks! Weaver

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