Speeduino v0.4.3

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Current stock is v0.4.3c or later. Picture shows a white connector that is not included nor normally used. The ULN IC is available separately here: https://wtmtronics.com/product/uln2003/

You can no longer order this board assembled, but look for the 0.4.4b, an SMD version assembled by machine, it’s available now. It also includes some enhancements you’ll likely enjoy such as the fuel pump and tachometer outputs being wired in by default and a connector for a Bluetooth module.
Now available here: https://wtmtronics.com/product/speeduino-0-4-4b/

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in

None, Standard Kit

Pressure Sensor

None, 115 kPa, 250 kPa, 400kPa


Unassembled, Assembled

11 reviews for Speeduino v0.4.3

  1. Will T

    How do I know what pressure sensor to select?

  2. Paul Harvey (verified owner)

    I got mine as a kit and was a little weary of putting it together, but the crystal clear labeling helped a lot. I had accidentally blown the zenner diode and they sent me a replacement ASAP with extremely reasonable shipping.

  3. Jorge

    Is the PCB included. Thanks

    • wmarkel

      Yes, except those listed as parts only, the PCBs are included.

  4. DSN

    Which sensors does the component kit contain?

    • wmarkel

      The only sensors included with the kits are the MAP sensor, if you choose to include it. It can be purchase without, just use the drop down to select your options.


  5. darthbollo (verified owner)

    When is my order going to be processed I ordered last night

    • wmarkel

      Your order went it the mail today. Thanks, Weaver

  6. Fren Archie Echano (verified owner)

    order status on Order #2001?

    • wmarkel

      Fren, Your order shipped on the day it was ordered, May 6th. It is currently on it’s way to you, but I can tell by the markings on the shipping label that tracking and speed to your country will probably not be the best. I appreciate your patients.

  7. Azman

    Dear Sir,
    is it possible if I want to include bluetooth module, dual signal conditioner and stepper driver board into the speeduino v4.x order.
    Can you solder them together?.

    Thank you.

    • wmarkel

      The conditioner and stepper just plug in. Though the DSC would need the header pins soldered onto it. Unfortunately the 0.4 series does not have a connector for the Bluetooth module, it’s about the only board the doesn’t now. If you leave a note on your order I can solder wires on that will let you plug the module in.

      Thanks, Weaver

  8. Shaun Denkler

    What color or version board are you selling at this moment? This will be wired to a 1992 Mitsubishi eclipse GSX is there anything else you can think that ill need? for iac motor, or vr conditioner maby?
    Thank you sir

    • wmarkel

      Hi Shaun,
      These are the most current through-hole version. Currently blue PCB. I’m not certain on that application, but I don’t think they need either of those modules.
      Thanks, Weaver

  9. jordan

    hello !! The arduino is incluid?

  10. Robert Campbell (verified owner)

    looks good!


  11. qhashaff

    where can i get the list of the parts. tq

    • wmarkel

      Hi, If you are wanting to find you own component sources for this product you should look at the Speeduino GitHub. You can find a link on the help page.

      Thanks, Weaver

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