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Where can I get diagrams??

It may surprise you to know that many public libraries have links to eResources or databases to help people find information. 😀 This includes information about how to repair cars. My local library has a link to MEL (Michigan Electronic Library) who kindly pays for online repair guides for virtually every car. These repair guides include wiring diagrams for the cars. I recently talked to a guy in Canada and he was excited to find that the information was available through his library as well. Many of you will ask “where’s the link”. Unfortunately because the information requires payment on some level, most of the time your IP address will have to match the region where the information is being made available from. For example the guy mentioned above tried to use the one from Michigan, but it would not let him gain access.

2 thoughts on “Where can I get diagrams??

  1. How can a customer contact you?
    I recently (so recently it has not shipper yet) placed an order and i would like to change what I’m getting, please give us a method to contact you concerning orders.


    1. Hi Joseph, You can reply to the email that is sent with every summitted order. There is also a contact form on the help page here:
      Thanks! Weaver

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