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Line Up Your Conditioner

No matter the conditioner the pin outline should be facing UP, and the gaps in the white marking, or sometimes it’s a half-moon, should line up. See pic.

2 thoughts on “Line Up Your Conditioner

  1. My first time here.

    I am interested and it is about time something like this has been built.

    I have been working with an ssr interface for hall sensor input and outputs to ignition and injectors. Looks real promising.

    I am having some luck with hall sensor ac volt through bridge rectifier to gate ssr.
    I have read in two places that arduino can work with dc rectified pulse signal just fine.
    From what I understand if I use a missing tooth set up the arduino can see the 0 v signal just fine.
    The question is:
    Can arduino see the 0v if the 5v is not square wave?
    I have a bench set up to test with a variable speed motor so I can read the volt and amp out put at different rpms from hall sensor. I can read the in put and the ssr out put. I can see the dc volt and the peak volts. All look safe for the arduino board.
    I know about the adc/vr boards and that they work great. Just looking at a different set up for fun and learning.
    Will this work with your shield?
    I know it will work on all out puts.
    But the what about the hall sensor dc rectified in put after going through an ssr??????
    I wish to use your board with many ssr interfaces.

    I hope I am clear with this as I am a new comer to electronics and to ecu’s in general.
    4 moths now.

    Thanks to all.


    1. Hi Mark,

      I’m not sure how well that will work. If the 0-5v is not square, it will not treat the signal as high until it reaches some threshold. I would guess somewhere between 2.5-3v. A VR conditioner detects the zero crossing of the AC signal, which is well below the threshold. Experiment, have fun, that’s what we are all here doing in our own way. 🙂 Just be sure that before you try to make an engine run with it, that you have it well worked out, or the engine might not last long.

      Thanks, Weaver

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